Elegante was founded in Florence in 2013, originating from an idea by Guido Pucci. Pucci transmits his passion for tango and experience as a model maker in the jewellery sector into a project to create a line of tango clothing for men and women.

The quality of the material used, as well as the study and research of innovative lines are immediately very popular.

With his son Rocco’s entry into the business, the company is for all intents and purposes a young entity, where organisation and customer care come first.

Today, Elegante is one of some small emerging companies in Italy dedicated to the creation and production of dancewear and the development of unique garments, manufactured and made to measure.

The brand name fully sums up the spirit of a brand aiming to maintain high-quality craftsmanship standards, so as to ensure the uniqueness of this locally produced product.

Via Pescetti, 22r
50127 Florence (Italy)
Open at
from 10am to 6pm
+39 333 622 68 37
+39 333 622 67 41
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